The Journal of the Institute for Sufi Studies of Uskudar University is focused on the thought, history and literature of Sufism, including research and articles about the philosophical, social, cultural, anthropological, and artistic aspects of these topics.

The journal is a double-blind, peer-reviewed publication published twice a year in May and November, available in print and online. The journal’s languages are Turkish and English.

The Journal consists of two parts. First part includes research articles subject to the peer-review process. The second part includes non-peer reviewed academic studies such as article translations, book reviews and essays.

The Journal aims to contribute to the academic field of Islamic Studies through a focus on Sufi Studies, while also bringing forward Ottoman Sufi thought and Sufi perspectives on Islamic civilization. At the same time, through an interdisciplinary approach, the Journal aims to expand the accepted bounds of disciplines by providing the opportunity for the various fields to work together when thinking of the myriad topics related to Islamic and Sufi Studies.